These spectacles are like my spectacles

Hi I'm Bree.    

I'm writing this blog because I feel the need to record life happenings the way I see them at the time. Memories are great, but over time they fade and details are lost. Words are my way of holding on to them. 

My posts may be.....

  • as dull as a day indoors,
  • as exciting as a near-drowning (it happened),
  • as frightening as a death-threat in Greece (it happened), 
  • as terrifying as a car crash in a beetle (it happened),
  • as amazing as a music festival that was put on this earth to move your very soul (it exists),
  • as disappointing as a lost football match (enough already),
  • as arduous as an interstate train trip with a baby (yep), 
  • as life-changing as moving your family from Melbourne to Paris (Oui oui oui!).

Some posts will be reflections of the past, some will be about the here and now. I hope you enjoy reading them!